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Make Your Own Ormus

Check out my in-depth article on the main site detailing step-by-step instructions on how to make your own ormus.

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Our Experience with Ormus

Podcast Link - Listen to our frank discussions on HigherConsciousnessRadio detailing our experiments and experience with Ormus.

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My Theory on How Ormus Works - Ormus & the Pineal Glad

Follow this link to my essay on Blue Rose Alchemy discussion my theory on how ormus works. 

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The 3 Levels (types) of Ormus

I would also like to note a common misconception with "wet method" ormus (ormus suspended in water). It's often said that this ormus is inferior to "sodium burn" ormus because ormus made from the sodium burn process is more potent. This is true. It IS more potent gram for gram, however this is because sodium burn / level 2 ormus is not suspend in water and is a dry white powder which means that it's diluted in water.
In my experience this is a GOOD thing as the water seems to afford a large measure of protection from EM radiation making wet method ormus much more stable.
I do suspect that level 3 ormus, which is actually made from metallic gold, is likely much more potent, though I have no experience with this process as of yet. I would also like to note that I also expect that since level 3 ormus is made exclusively from gold it's likely not as diverse as wet method or sodium burn ormus, which likely contains a greater array of the platinum group elements. Level 3 ormus will likely ONLY contain mono-atomic gold. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I feel it needs to point out. Nature often abhors purity so my instinct says that wet method ormus is likely a more well-rounded product.
As for ormus "oil" extracted from spring water using a magnetic cyclone process, I have no experience at the moment. I suspect It's likely good stuff and akin to wet method or sodium burn ormus.
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Common Effects of Ormus

The most commonly reported effects of ormus based on my own research at BRA Alchemy i can safely testify that exposure to ormus can easily achieve the following especially in individuals who are already pre-disposed to being "spiritually" sensitive:
  • There is a marked increase in psychic potential, even on those NOT pre-disposed to awareness of this level of reality. These include but certainly are not limited to the following (directly observed by me):
    • A keen awareness of yourself and other entities / beings in proximity to you.
    • A keen remarkably intuitive awareness of the emotional state/disposition of others.
    • A resolved and comfortable yet detached sense of calm that did not exist before.
    • Prophetic visions, flashes and intuitive insights where none existed before or were greatly diminished.
    • An ease of projecting consciousness / awareness elsewhere.
  • (oddly enough) There is a marked increase in the ability of the subject to clearly visualize internally. My related research suggests that this is integrally linked to psychic potential so this effect is synergistic-ally linked the the first listed above.
  • Very vivid and realistic dreams, again linked to the first two effects noted above and the onset of very restful sleep.
  • While physical manifestations of "healing" (sometimes from serious illness) have occurred and I have personally been witness to them I have also noticed that in individuals who are gravely ill (extremely debilitating arthritis for example) the psychic effects seem to be delayed and only onset once the physical maladys have been dealt with.
While this may seem extraordinary (it is) it should also be clearly noted that there does not appear to be any great or profound (or diminished) euphoria, hallucinogenic or other drug-life effects. The effects can best be summarized by stating that Ormus seems to restore the body/mind/spirit relationship back into a greater form of balance and unlock latent potential that pre-exists.
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Jim Mars, ormus expert, discusses ormus, mono-atomic gold.
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The Ormus Documentary - All The Gold You Can Eat

Also check out this Podcast interview from with Joe De Kadt about his ormus documentary "All the Gold You Can Eat."

Youtube Archive of HCR Interview:

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What Is Ormus?

According to well-known ormus researcher David Hudson, Ormus is very likely the substance the bible referred to as "manna." He was able to make some very convincing links between specific Egyptian hieroglyphs that roughly translated to "semen of the gods" in liquid form or "bread of life" if baked into cakes. This substance was described as a fine white powder that was considered a sacrament reserved for priests and kings. It was also supposedly responsible for priests and kings having god-like powers do to it's ability to elevate the consciousness. He was also able to establish that this sacred Egyptian substance had some sort of special relationship with the element Gold.
Through extensive laboratory analysis Hudson and others were able to show this substance that he gave the nickname Ormus (orbitally re-arranged mono-atomic elements (orme)) actually contained aluminum, gold, silver and iron among other elements. It was also noted that a large portion of samples tested (up to 70% of any given sample) contained elements that could not be identified by modern laboratory equipment.
Ormus - Mid-production from
He believed, though was not able to sufficiently substantiate that the un-identifiable portion of these samples was actually a collection of platinum-group metals that had broken off from the regular lattice structure of their common metallic form and re-organized themselves as small-cluster or single-atom versions of these elements due to a special (hyper) spin on the electron atoms in these clusters that rendered them unable to form into a standard lattice. This theory is where the name "mono-atomic gold" is derived as well as the shorthand name "m-state elements" as a general name for any element with such a supposed state.
It should be noted that there has not been to-date a serious neutrally objective large scale scientific study of these claims and that the lab results produced by Hudson, though convincing, were produced by lab technicians under this direct physical supervision which is highly irregular.
It should also be noted that while Hudson was able to produce interesting lab results his claims of what Ormus can accomplish of a spiritual nature are likely very exaggerated in that he openly claims that an individual who consumed enough ormus will eventually be elevated to such a spiritual level that they would be akin to "angels or devils" (his own words) and that eventually such beings would be able to essentially fold space and travel without moving as well as a myriad of other abilities.
While this is laughable. I must confess that I myself am a spiritual sensitive and medium and have undertaken some extensive testing of the biological and spiritual effects of this substance. My results are also echoed in companions who are equally (or more) talented in this regard. We have each been impacted quite profoundly by exposure to this substance and will each testify openly to both it's curative effects on some physical illness as well as a profound spiritual effect. I discuss the theory of why at length in my blog post "Ormus and the Pineal Gland."
I should also note that I cannot fully disclose the nature the physical curative effects due to current US FDA regulations on claiming substances have medicinal value or action. I will positively state that the results I have seen with my own eyes are simply astounding and irrefutable when witnessed first hand as I have.
However, Hudson and other researchers such as the esteemed modern alchemist Don Nance have been able to effectively and convincingly demonstrate both that white powder can be derived from gold through their processes AND that their processed samples that did NOT assay initially as having gold later "decayed" (presumably through low-energy transmutation) into a detectable form of gold.
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