Sunday, February 1, 2015

Common Effects of Ormus

The most commonly reported effects of ormus based on my own research at BRA Alchemy i can safely testify that exposure to ormus can easily achieve the following especially in individuals who are already pre-disposed to being "spiritually" sensitive:
  • There is a marked increase in psychic potential, even on those NOT pre-disposed to awareness of this level of reality. These include but certainly are not limited to the following (directly observed by me):
    • A keen awareness of yourself and other entities / beings in proximity to you.
    • A keen remarkably intuitive awareness of the emotional state/disposition of others.
    • A resolved and comfortable yet detached sense of calm that did not exist before.
    • Prophetic visions, flashes and intuitive insights where none existed before or were greatly diminished.
    • An ease of projecting consciousness / awareness elsewhere.
  • (oddly enough) There is a marked increase in the ability of the subject to clearly visualize internally. My related research suggests that this is integrally linked to psychic potential so this effect is synergistic-ally linked the the first listed above.
  • Very vivid and realistic dreams, again linked to the first two effects noted above and the onset of very restful sleep.
  • While physical manifestations of "healing" (sometimes from serious illness) have occurred and I have personally been witness to them I have also noticed that in individuals who are gravely ill (extremely debilitating arthritis for example) the psychic effects seem to be delayed and only onset once the physical maladys have been dealt with.
While this may seem extraordinary (it is) it should also be clearly noted that there does not appear to be any great or profound (or diminished) euphoria, hallucinogenic or other drug-life effects. The effects can best be summarized by stating that Ormus seems to restore the body/mind/spirit relationship back into a greater form of balance and unlock latent potential that pre-exists.
/|\ James Sangster

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