Sunday, February 1, 2015

The 3 Levels (types) of Ormus

I would also like to note a common misconception with "wet method" ormus (ormus suspended in water). It's often said that this ormus is inferior to "sodium burn" ormus because ormus made from the sodium burn process is more potent. This is true. It IS more potent gram for gram, however this is because sodium burn / level 2 ormus is not suspend in water and is a dry white powder which means that it's diluted in water.
In my experience this is a GOOD thing as the water seems to afford a large measure of protection from EM radiation making wet method ormus much more stable.
I do suspect that level 3 ormus, which is actually made from metallic gold, is likely much more potent, though I have no experience with this process as of yet. I would also like to note that I also expect that since level 3 ormus is made exclusively from gold it's likely not as diverse as wet method or sodium burn ormus, which likely contains a greater array of the platinum group elements. Level 3 ormus will likely ONLY contain mono-atomic gold. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but I feel it needs to point out. Nature often abhors purity so my instinct says that wet method ormus is likely a more well-rounded product.
As for ormus "oil" extracted from spring water using a magnetic cyclone process, I have no experience at the moment. I suspect It's likely good stuff and akin to wet method or sodium burn ormus.
/|\ James Sangster

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